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Gateway I/O Modules
UIS 1200 Sub-Miniature Capacitance Measurement Module

Introduction :● Small size: 17mm*27mm*4mm (without Plug-in) ● Small size: 17mm*34mm*4mm ( Plug-in) ● …MORE

UID 828

●2 way output directive configures the PWM waveform ● The 8 way of instruction allocation digital input …MORE

UID 820

Embedded Micro-controller  Embedded high performance micro-processor  Simple, intuitive instructions  …MORE

USBC 9100

USBC 系列 CANUSB intelligent CAN interface card is compatible with USB1.1 and USB2.0 bus, with 1 /2 indus …MORE

UIM 2501 RS232-CAN2.0B Stepper Motor Control Converter

UIM 2501 RS232-CAN2.0B Stepper Motor Control Converter Embedded With DSP Microprocessor ● Embedded high-p …MORE


●Embedded high performance micro-processor ● Instruction structure simple intelligent control high faul …MORE

PCI 120 PCI-CAN Control Card

Introduction:Hardware ● Dual port/Single port ● Standard DB9 interface ● The function of photoelectri …MORE

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