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Uirobot Floating Queue

Uirobot Floating Queue

Uirobot Floating Queue
One unit of UIROBOT Kinetic Lights is called integrated pellet drive control actuator  
Distributed Control System
Low cost、high reliability
The world’s first dynamic pellet matrix without electric cabinet  Simple construction、four-wire control
Easy to maintain  

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Product Features 
Miniature Integral Design
☆Size 100mm*120mm*170mm
☆Fit onto motors seamlessly
☆Die-cast aluminum enclosure  
Motor Driver Characteristic
☆24V supply voltage
☆Full step to 16th micro-stepping    resolution
☆Dual full H-bridge
☆Precise subdivision and current control   
Load Bearing
☆Low speed 2-3Kg
☆High speed 1kg
☆Besides ball, the pensile object can be other shapes 
Communication Characteristic
☆Active CAN2.0,2-wire
☆Max 1Mbps operation,10Km communication  distance
☆Max 100 nodes
☆Differential bus, high noise immunity  
Embedded DSP Microprocessor
☆Hardware DSP, 64bit calculation precision
☆Support absolute encoder (incremental encoder is optional),closed loop control
☆PVT third curve interpolation
☆Non-synchronous error < 3 us(among 60  controllers)
☆User programmable, offline execution of user program 

Connection Model Version :

Motor Terminals Designator
A+ / A- Connect to the stepper motor phase A
B+ / B- Connect to the stepper motor phase B   

Control Terminals 

Terminals No. 
Designator Description 
1 V+ Positive for supply voltage(DC:24V) 2 GND Ground for supply voltage 3 CANH CAN signal dominant high 4 CANL CAN signal dominant low 5 AG Analog ground for sensors 6 P1 I/O port 1 7 P2 I/O port 2 8 P3 I/O port3 9 P4 I/O port4 10 P5 5V / 60mA output