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Uirobot Floating Queue Artisan Spirit

Uirobot Floating Queue

Artisan Spirit
Shanghai United Intelligent Robotics INC.
We are honored to have impressed so many customers at 2016 Czech International Industry Exhibition.
Our widely accepted products are also the recognition on the “Artisan Spirit” that Shanghai UIROBOT
has always been pursuing.
At Shanghai UIROBT, the quality of our products has always been the soul. We firmly believe
that companies need to insist the spirit of the artisans in order to win in the long-term competition.
From the beginning of the establishment of UIROBOT, we have insisted on this spirit: attention to
details, the pursuit of perfection and the ultimate, not hesitate to spend time and effort, tirelessly,
repeatedly to improve our products, from 99% to 99.99%; Not opportunistic, we ensure that the
quality of each component. And all our products are mandatorily adopted strict testing standards;
It is precisely because our insistence on “Artisan Spirit”, we continuously upgrade our products
and services, including but not limited to improve the use of materials, designs, manufactures etc.
In nowadays society, we believe this “Artisan Spirit” is the key spirit to create miracles and create
real industry 4.0 products.
The product that we have introduced at 2016 Czech International Industry Exhibition,
UIROBOT kinetic lights contains hundreds, even tens of thousands of motor units of the
array of motion control system. Each motor drives the lighting ball (32000 colors available)
under the control of the computer, the interpretation of the curve, surface, surface, text and
three-dimensional patterns and other forms of shape, with lights and other medias, provide
the audience unprecedented audio and visual impact. Whether it be water droplets, ripples,
stars or other images. As long as the artists design the scene, UIROBOT kinetic lights can
realize it through motion control, software programming to present the most perfect 3D
dynamic effects, stirring, eye-catching.
Shanghai United Intelligent Robotics Inc. will continue to carve our products, and continuously
improve our technology in the scientific and technological innovation, industrial 4.0 era, continue
to carry forward the "Artisan Spirit", so that Made in China becomes the lead of the world!

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